Kolshet: The Next Big Thing in Mumbai Real Estate

Kolshet: The Next Big Thing in Mumbai Real Estate


For a couple of years now, Thane has been the focal point of several infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing connectivity with key locations in Mumbai. These projects have not only bridged gaps but have also boosted the real estate market in Thane significantly. The upcoming Thane-Wadala and Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan Metro lines, along with the Thane-Borivali Tunnel Road, are set to revolutionize transportation in the area. The completion of these projects is expected to create new opportunities for businesses and jobs, ultimately impacting Thane's housing market positively. The top builder in Mumbai will play a crucial role in developing residential and commercial projects that cater to the growing demand in Thane.

Kolshet: A Thriving Residential Destination:

Runwal, a real estate developer in Mumbai has launched an exceptional project in Kolshet called Runwal Land's End. This residential development is a testament to the growth and potential of Kolshet as a prime residential destination. It offers unparalleled connectivity to Mumbai, Bhiwandi, and the western suburbs, making it an ideal choice for prospective homebuyers.

Quality of Life in Thane:

Life in Thane is more than just connectivity. The city offers a host of essential infrastructure like schools, hospitals, dining, entertainment, and retail options. The presence of top-notch malls, schools, and medical facilities endorsed by MMRDA, along with a vibrant cultural scene, recreational parks, green spaces, and community events, enriches the overall quality of life for residents.

Land, Sky, and Water: The Ingredients for Healthy Living:

Runwal Land's End, a newly launched project by Runwal takes living to the next level by offering a range of amenities that promote wellness and a luxurious lifestyle. Surrounded by lush greenery, the project boasts homes with a 270-degree view of enchanting green vistas, hundreds of trees, and a vehicle-free podium area. The low-density project with just 7 towers spread across 10 acres ensures ample space for residents to unwind and relax.

Amenities and Facilities:

The project offers a resort-style clubhouse spanning 40,000 sq. ft., one of the largest in Kolshet. It's a place where residents can entertain and be entertained while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Additionally, there are amenities spread across 6 acres of nature, ensuring residents have access to indulging activities whenever they desire.


With its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and world-class amenities, Kolshet is poised to become the next big thing in Mumbai's real estate market. Runwal Land's End is not just a residential project; it's a lifestyle that prioritizes wellness, luxury, and a sense of community. As Thane continues to grow and evolve, Kolshet will remain at the forefront, offering an unparalleled living experience for its residents.