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At Runwal we work towards building great infrastructure that makes an elevated lifestyle possible. But behind everything we do, there is a holistic thought process that helps us innovate and be With You Always.

In these diverse areas, Mrs. Priyanka Sandeep Runwal is the person who truly plays an active role. As someone who respects traditions and new ideas too, she manages to do it all. With an earnest interest in health and wellness and an energetic personality driven towards sports, Mrs. Priyanka Sandeep Runwal is a virtuoso one aspires to be.

Over the years, she has been leading various Runwal departments. Her skillful flair is clearly evident in the management of the Customer Experience across all the sales lounges designed the interior and design pieces. Here she plays close attention to every detail, ensuring that the team is aligned to deliver the best results.

As an empathetic leader, Mrs. Priyanka Sandeep Runwal is also aware of Runwal’s different responsibilities to the larger community.

Hence for her, the work towards the Sandeep Runwal Education Foundation & Subhash Runwal Education Foundation is something that is truly important. These foundations provide education support and scholarships for higher education, ensuring that promising students from any background are able to continue learning, to build a great future for themselves.

Thus, whether it is a commercial project or a philanthropic effort, Mrs. Priyanka Sandeep Runwal, wife of Mr. Sandeep Runwal, along with every single team member at Runwal, ensures that great thought and effort is put into everything that we do.

Together, it is all these diverse facets that help us deliver better results and create a better world.

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