Built-In Happiness Amidst Nature at Runwal Sanctuary

Built-In Happiness Amidst Nature at Runwal Sanctuary

A perfect home is one where you can feel comfort at its best while enjoying the amenities and experiences of modern, upscale life. It is more than just a property investment. A home is where you can be yourself, make new memories and enjoy comfort at its absolute best.

When looking for flats in Mulund for investment, you would want a place where you can wake up to the sounds of birds chirping every morning, with a cool breeze and blooming nature all around. Boasting scenic views of nature and a flourishing green canvas, Runwal Sanctuary is a township development that offers you the comforts of a city lifestyle whilst being away from it. Bringing you closer to nature, investing in a flat at Runwal Sanctuary is the best property investment that you can make if you are looking for flats in Mulund for investment.

Runwal Sanctuary at Mulund: The Perfect Oasis Amidst the Bustling City Streets

Overlooking the LBS Marg in Mulund West, Runwal Sanctuary is in one of the prime and most coveted areas in the city of Mumbai. Home to 5 stunning towers, the property is situated away from the busy city streets amidst ample greenery. Therefore, if you are looking for an offer to buy property in Mulund, Runwal Sanctuary is the place to be.

  • Experience the Man-made Garden of Eden:
  • The 2 BHK in Mulund offers 6 acres of development and 50% open spaces with ample greenery and surrounding natural landscapes.

  • Me Time or We Time:
  • Runwal Sanctuary offers you a private 150-metre entry driveway that is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city; perfect for spending some quality time with nature.

  • Magnificent Views to Soothe You:
  • These flats in Mulund also come with breath-taking views of the Yogi Hills, the open gardens in the property and the surrounding natural vistas that are sure to relax you on a busy day.

  • A Wide Array of Recreational Facilities:
  • These flats in Mulund for investment also boast of over 20 different recreational facilities that you can enjoy when you make a property investment here. From a multi-level clubhouse and terrace pool to a library, spa, fitness centre, garden lounge and multiple activity zones in the property, Runwal Sanctuary is indeed a residential haven.

  • Landscaped Podium:
  • At Runwal Sanctuary, you can explore the 1.5 Lac sq. ft landscaped podium which will turn your family’s spectacular moments into unforgettable memories.

A Convenient Location and Accessibility:

Regardless of whether you purchase a 2 or 3 BHK in Mulund, accessibility will always be a significant concern. However, when you make a real estate offer in Runwal Sanctuary, you do not need to worry about connectivity. The property shares excellent connectivity with the railway stations and airport in the city.

In addition to being located in a very quaint location, Runwal Sanctuary is also situated in close proximity to corporate, medical and educational establishments and some of the major entertainment and retail venues nearby. Therefore, come what may, Runwal Sanctuary has got you covered.

Grab the Lucrative Offers

When making a house investment or thinking of real estate investing, the first thing that comes to mind is the price of the property, followed by the additional benefits that you can enjoy. However, the best offer to purchase a house combines all the luxuries and amenities of the property at a cost-effective price.

The home purchase offer at Runwal Sanctuary provides you with the following benefits:

  • Zero booking amount*
  • Flexi payment plans*
  • No floor rise for higher floors*

Hurry Up!

These offers and benefits must have given you some excitement to know more about the property, right? If you want to get further details about house investment at Runwal Sanctuary, get in touch with the trusted experts at Runwal today and book the keys to your new abode.

Opportunities don't last a lifetime. Prices to go up by 10 Lakhs from 14th June.