Codename 25-Hour Life: A True Urban Habitat

Codename 25-Hour Life
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Our lives are a series of pursuits that we undertake each day, from managing our daily commutes to trying to stay healthy and planning our weekends. These pursuits define our priorities and shape our daily routines. However, the demands of modern life can make it difficult to achieve everything we set out to do, and often we find ourselves struggling to fit everything into a 24-hour day.

That's where Runwal's Codename 25-hour life comes into play. By providing access to comfort and conveniences at our doorstep, Runwal has created a lifestyle that empowers us to do more with our time.

The 25-Hour Life!

Our lives are indeed defined by the activities we undertake every day, and Runwal's Codename 25-hour Life has made it easier for us to achieve our goals and lead a fulfilling life.

Presenting a luxurious living experience that offers residents an impressive range of 50+ amenities that elevates your life.

The lavish residences are perfect for those who value the finer things in life. The apartments boast stunning views of the surrounding cityscape, Sanjay Gandhi national park and the Ulhas river making it the perfect place to live.

6 Pillars of The 25 Hour Life

This is a place where you can not only live but also work, play, shop, learn, and eat – all within the vicinity.

  1. Live :

  2. Explore a place that is strategically placed in a 4.5 acre of open space, offering 50+ life-enhancing amenities, and every facility for a comfortable life.

  3. Work :

  4. With seamless connectivity and various commute options, your life would be just hassle-free. With multi-modal connectivity to every work hub, you get to maintain an ideal work-life balance.

  5. Eat :

  6. Giving the 25-hour life to your tastebuds too, there are several cuisines available from various restaurants that can be explored in the neighborhood.

  7. Play :

  8. Tired of long drives to reach your favorite play zones? Well, guess what, now no more traffic jams because at ‘The 25-Hour Life’, you have an array of options within reach.

  9. Learn :

  10. Some of Thane's greatest schools are only a few minutes away. As a result, your children will not have to travel for hours. Leaving them ready to study and play.

  11. Shop :

  12. Get ready for less travel time and more shopping time with your favorite brands right next door from Codename 25-Hour Life.

Connectivity at its best

Located between rolling Parsik and Yeour hills, Thane has been evolving over the past few decades into one of the fastest-growing Central Business Districts around the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. R-Mall, a signature retail development by the Runwal Group, is witness to this growth story.


The community at Codename 25-Hour Life is designed to be stress-free, so you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind. The 25-Hour Life by Runwal is the ultimate residential project in Thane, which is an ideal choice when it comes to choosing your dream home.

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