Nature’s freshness in the city: Escape Mumbai’s Concrete Jungle

Runwal - Nature’s Freshness in the City: Escape Mumbai’s Concrete Jungle

Fresh air and large green patches of land is the dream for almost every Mumbaikar. Unfortunately, with the growing traffic, the bustling streets, and the ever-increasing population, Mumbai seems to be losing its natural beauty with every passing day. The city's concrete jungle has overtaken its green cover and led to an overall degradation of the quality of life that people are living here. The need of the hour is a home in nature to save the population from the disasters of surroundings made solely of brick and mortar.

Both pollution and population are jeopardising the quality of life in metro cities in India, Mumbai being no exception to this. The competitive rat's race to reach up the success ladder and the hustle-bustle of urban-dwelling is killing natural surroundings, paving the way to the greed of wealth, prosperity, and success at the cost of sanctity and peaceful living. Green areas seem to be disappearing at a rapid pace from the confines of Mumbai, with almost no exposure to the natural environment.

Why should you live amidst nature?

Living amidst nature homes have their own set of advantages, which cannot be overlooked, in today's stressful and hectic livelihood. Not only does it boost mental and physical well-being, but it uplifts your mood, helps your immune system and improves your overall outlook towards quality dwelling and positive thinking as well.

Having access to green patches within your vicinity encourages physical activity and engagement, helps fight boredom and improves the quality of life.

Being amidst nature reduces anger, nullifies the release of stress hormones, and cuts down the mortality rate. In addition, it creates a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a positive outlook in individuals.

Living in a house surrounded by nature helps significantly in relieving anxiety. In addition, it can better empower people to deal with the side effects of depression regardless of age.

One such property in Mulund, right in the heart of Mumbai city, is the Runwal Sanctuary. Of course, you might find homes all over, across the length and breadth of Mumbai, but there is only one Sanctuary primarily designed for nature-centric dwelling - Runwal Sanctuary.

A misty blissful morning, the melodious humming of oriental-eye birds, an occasional call of the cricket, jungle trails & mystic peak views of the Yogi Hills are what you experience around when you stay at these splendid flats in Mulund. You can indulge in a series of activities, meditate, jog, walk or simply play with your loved ones, all within this beautiful space that you can own and call your own. This naturally gifted locality awaits you to build a home with your family and cherish it for a lifetime while creating beautiful memories for keeps.

Let us take a sneak-peek into what this beautiful property in Mulund has to offer

  • Located at Golden Mile, LBS Marg, these flats in Mulund offer scenic views of the Yogi Hills and boast 1.5 lac sq. ft. of the landscaped podium, 150 meters of a private driveway, and is built on 6 acres of development land around it. One of the only residential project in Mulund that has decks in all its apartments.
  • It offers a host of amenities for every age group. For fitness enthusiasts, there is a squash court, a separate badminton court, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a rooftop swimming pool, and the upcoming nations' largest jogging and cycling track that connects the two hemispheres of the Mumbai-Maya Nagri will add to your overall fitness quotient.
  • Apart from this, for entertainment-lovers, there are landscaped gardens, a mini theatre, a party hall with a pre-function area, and lots of viewing area to sit around and have a nice chat-time with family and friends in the evening, or even otherwise.
  • If you are looking for a 2 BHK in Mulund or 3 BHK in Mulund, these luxury residences offer top-notch amenities for you to experience and live every moment of your life. For those looking for bigger & spacious living spaces, these flats for sale in Mulund West have options of the 4-bed deck and 5-bed deck residences as well.
  • Unwrap the suburb's Finest Lifestyle with the #NaturallyGiftedHomes at a landmark address - Mulund. Launching Aspen at Runwal Sanctuary, 2 and 3 bed deck residences starting at ₹1.49 Cr* It's time you choose a naturally gifted home for yourself.

Final Take

Time is flying, and life has become unpredictable for one and all. The need of the hour is to live in the present and live to the fullest. With the growing complexities of urban dwellings and the deteriorating lifestyle of people in big metropolitan cities like Mumbai, it has become almost inevitable to surround yourselves with as many natural and healthy spaces as you can to awaken your spirits, lift your senses and let your creativity touch new skies.

Runwal Sanctuary is one of its kind and offers a lifetime opportunity to live, feel and breathe amidst nature. However, opportunities knock at your door only once, so do not keep them waiting as you might not get a second chance to welcome them into your life. And for Mumbaikars, this property in Mulund is like an oasis in the desert to quench their thirst for a quiet, blissful and happy living amidst nature's lap.