Top 5 reasons why home buyers choose Gudi Padwa to Invest

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Gudi Padwa is considered to be one of the most auspicious festivals in Maharashtra. It is celebrated as the first day of the traditional new year, which is marked by the harvest of new crops. It signifies hope, new beginnings, and prosperity, making it the best time to invest in real estate.

If your plans of buying a home in Mumbai didn’t fall in place last year, you could fulfil your wish and buy one this year, on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa. Here’s how this period can be the best time to buy a home in some of the prime locations in Mumbai.

1. Exclusive Booking Offers

During this time of the year builders tend to attract more home buyers with special offers like low or no Stamp Duty, white goods on spot bookings, and even help their customers with all the paperwork. This makes the home-buying process super easy during Gudi Padwa.

2. Most Awaited Time to Buy a Home

As Gudi Padwa signifies prosperous new beginnings, the popular notion is that this is an auspicious period to buy a new home and start a fresh life. Hence when Gudi Padwa nears, most home buyers start looking out for properties to purchase.

3. New Project Launches

Most developers believe that Gudi Padwa is also an auspicious time to launch new projects. Traditionally, there are a lot of enquiries from prospective homebuyers during this time. Hence there are usually quite a few new project launches coming up and homebuyers look to book a newly launched project.

4. Low EMI Offers

Developers also offer low EMI rates for a limited time and a multitude of other schemes and offers on home-booking during Gudi Padwa. Many developers also offer EMI holiday of up to 12 months in order to give homebuyers enough time to get their finances sorted.

5. Flexible Payment Plans

Apart from the numerous saving schemes and discounts on offer, builders also put their best foot forward and offer flexible payment plans for the excited homebuyers. This not only helps in reducing the load of paying a lump sum upfront but also aids in long-term financial planning for them.

From compact to luxury homes, nowadays, home buyers are spoiled for their choices with so many options to choose from at affordable prices. This makes it another good reason to buy a home during Gudi Padwa. Builders are looking to quickly offload their inventories by presenting great incentives and schemes, making it a great real estate investment.

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Summing up, Runwal homes are worth the investment and Gudi Padwa makes it the perfect time of the year to buy flats in Mumbai. If you plan to buy a home, then make the most of the offers by booking a Runwal home this year and moving into a new home this Gudi Padwa. To know more about the latest offering visit .