What Makes One an Award-winning Real Estate Developer?

Success comes to the chosen few who have it in them to make it to the top… and stay there! It takes great vision, ambition and determination to achieve your goals – more so, if you’re a real estate developer.

So, what is it that makes one an award-winning builder? :

1. The big picture

The makings of a great developer stem from the ability to see the big picture. Holding and nurturing a clear vision requires immense patience. You must be able to absorb set-backs, learn from them and start afresh with renewed vigour.

2. Problem-solving

Problem solving must be an innate skill. A good developer knows how to navigate road-blocks. Finding solutions to zoning issues, dealing with adjacent land owners and finding ways to adjust budget with time are some essential qualities. All this, keeping in mind never to compromise on quality.

3. Leadership skills

Working hard is not the only requirement – you cannot possibly take up all the work. You must know how to get your way with people, by building genuine relationships, then steering them in the right direction. A great property developer knows who he needs on-board. His work involves screening and investigating potential contractors, partners, and association offers as well.

4. Creativity

Cut-throat competition in the real estate industry demands creativity. Pushing the boundaries with exciting ideas and innovative designs, incorporating newer building techniques and utilising pioneering construction methods is the need of the hour.

5. Customer-orientation

For a good developer, an investor or customer is priority. They are prompt, honest and available when it comes to addressing a consumer’s query. A well-established presence on digital media is essential in order to establish and maintain great rapport with the customers.

6. Delivery & track record

A reputed developer is one who is known for timely delivery of projects. A clean track-record will a long way in building good rapports with existing customers and trust in the minds of prospective customers.

7. Design & aesthetics

There’s more to a home than just well-planned spaces. Design and aesthetics that suit the client’s tastes and stature are of prime importance. A good developer is able to identify the needs of his consumers and construct the project in accordance.

8. Quality

All else will fall through if the quality of a project is substandard. Quality of construction not only determines the success of the project but also puts the reputation of a developer at stake. An intelligent developer will focus on quality homes above everything else.

Speaking of award-winning developers, the first name that comes to mind is the reputed Runwal Group. With 38 years of building landmark projects, it has rightfully bagged several awards, some of which are:

▪'Most Admired Upcoming Project of the Year' for Runwal Elegante

▪'Innovative Marketing Concept of the Year' 2016

The aforementioned qualities are rare as they come but if you know you have what it takes, then the world is at your feet.