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Saurabh Runwal

Associate Director at Runwal.

Third Generation of Runwal Family – Saurabh Runwal looks after Sales, Marketing, CRM, and Construction for Project Delivery across the Residential and Retail verticals. His forte lies in Digital transformation along with strengthening the Customer Relationship. He is focused on driving operational excellence with an emphasis on process and digital improvement. His passion for change has helped create a lasting environment of innovation and positive change in the organization.

He’s continually raising the standard of excellence at the Runwal Group and his fresh perspective and aggressive approach will be instrumental in scaling the brand to greater heights.

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Founder - Runwal Stays

Saurabh Runwal has been the visionary driving Runwal Stays - a one-of-a-kind initiative aimed at giving all front-line runners a safe, secure, rent-free, and fully equipped stay option.

Runwal Stays takes care of lodging and food arrangements for the front liners, ensuring the front line runners can focus on what matters - Saving Lives.

Founder - LaunchQube

LaunchQube is a Mumbai-based angel fund initiated by Saurabh Runwal, that partners with innovative early-stage companies (across prop tech, consumer tech, sustainability tech, and mobility tech) that have demonstrated preliminary traction and have a high potential for growth.

LaunchQube provides financial and strategic support to develop and refine the product and technology as the start-up gears up for launch.

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26 June 2021

Runwal group and Mahavir Education in a new initiative are providing hostel facilities for health workers who are working day and night amid the Coronavirus crisis in Mumbai.

25 June 2021

Mr. Saurabh Runwal arranges rent-free Hostel Space for Covid Warriors | Runwal Foundation

25 June 2021

Mr. Saurabh Runwal, Trustee member of Runwal Foundation inaugurated Runwal Stays - the stay facility for the front liners at Mahavir Education


Some of the articles based on industry insights by Mr. Saurabh


Who is Saurabh Runwal?

Saurabh Runwal is the 3rd generation of Runwal Family. Following his father Sandeep Runwal’s footsteps he’s joined the family business with full enthusiasm and completely well prepared.

What is the designation of Saurabh Runwal at Runwal Group?

Saurabh Runwal has joined in the capacity of Associate Director overlooking the operations across Sales – Marketing and CRM along with retail vertical.

What is his education qualification?

Saurabh Runwal has graduated from Columbia university with a CP Davis engineering degree

What is Runwal Stays?

Runwal Stays is an initiative undertaken by Saurabh Runwal for all the frontline heroes, Runwal Stays offered safe and rent free stay facility.

Is Runwal Stays founded by Saurabh Runwal?

Yes, the pandemic impacted the entire nation. He wanted to extend support in the best possible way. Hence Saurabh Runwal initiated to convert the Runwal hostel spaces into Runwal Stays.

What is Runwal Foundation?

Founded in 1983, Runwal Foundation is the charitable arm of Runwal Group. It operates under Subhash Runwal Education Foundation extending support in the field of healthcare, education, women empowerment and community welfare.

Is Runwal Foundation & Runwal Stays linked?

Yes. The hostels under foundation were converted to Runwal Stays.

What is Launchqube?

LaunchQube is a start up incubator initiated by Saurabh Runwal. It partners with early-stage start-ups that have demonstrated potential to transform the way we move, live, and interact in the built world.

Is Launchqube founded by Saurabh Runwal?

Yes, Saurabh Runwal founded launchqube as he could see the potential of the start-up companies. Coming from a family run business background he knew the importance of getting financial aid at the right time.

Which are the brands funded or invested by Saurabh Runwal under Launchqube?

Kitchena Center, Charge+Zone and others.

  • Kitchens Center - Kitchens Centre provides fully equipped commercial kitchens on rent to new or existing F&B delivery brands.
  • Charge+ Zone is redefining the electric vehicle charging experience to embrace the auto industry's shift towards electric.
  • Falcon Brick : Mobile-based platform which enables real time flow of site information for accelerated construction and many more.